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Hostess Releases Three Limited Edition Flavored CupCakes

Be on the lookout, Gators!  Hostess has blessed us with a limited edition surprise as part of their awesome 2018 Cupcake Craze campaign!  Yep – THREE fun flavors.  Hostess Mint Chocolate CupCakes, Hostess Strawberry CupCakes and Hostess Sea Salt Caramel CupCakes. The best part of the Cupcake Craze is that you don’t have to decide which you prefer – you’re allowed to grab a box (or two) of each flavor. This makes me wanna fill a bathtub with Hostess CupCakes, dive in, and eat my way out.

Oh, and while you’re out packing your shopping cart with CupCakes, score yourself some Suzy Q’s!  We demanded it, and Hostess delivered.  Take advantage of that sweet little victory!

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