Hershey’s Gold Peanuts & Pretzels Chocolate Bar Review

I can’t remember the last time Hershey’s came out with a new chocolate bar, but praise the lord because the day is finally here! Well technically, it’s not chocolate — it’s caramelized creme. Fuck it, it’s still a chocolate bar in my eyes…therefore, I will continue to call it a chocolate bar. As the name suggests, it also features peanuts and pretzel pieces throughout the bar.

This bar has a unique shape to it. It’s still is the same old standard rectangular Hershey’s shape the bars come in, however the pieces within the bar are arranged differently. I though that was fun! I jump right in and break a piece off and immediately notice that this chocolate melts in your mouth. Even more than the original Hershey’s bars. Taste wise….

This is DELICIOUS! This chocolate bar is oh so creamy. Heavenly, really. The caramelized creme base stands out right away, and as the chocolate melts in your mouth, you notice the peanuts and pretzel flavors. You pick up on both pretty easily. What I really loved about this bar is that there’s tiny bits of peanuts and pretzels within the bar, adding a nice crunch to it when you chew. I wanted to say that this bar reminded me of peanut brittle, but the more I ate, the more I realized, this is in its own category. Very unique and very delicious.

One downfall of this bar, in my opinion, is that it is a tad too sweet. It kinda actually reminded me of a gramma that’s TOO sweet. The one that smothers you in a shitload of kisses, bakes you never ending sweets, and forces you to eat until you puke. It’s great because it’s gramma, however, sometimes it’s not great because can be TOO sweet. To tie it back to the bar, this bar is fucking delicious and unique, but it can be too sweet as well! That’s my one and only flaw with this bar. However, I am not docking much review points because of it because the bar itself was so much better than I expected. This was pretty much me.

I can see why they named this bar Gold. It’s straight up Gold. Go get some!

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