Nutter Butter Cereal Review

Venture with me, if you will, back to a time when we were kids. When the anticipation of Saturday morning cartoons got us through the week at school, we jumped on the bed because no one was looking, and eating cookies for breakfast was just a dream. Ahhhh, the good old days. We grow up, pay bills, commute to work and still dream of having a bowl of cookies for breakfast. And now, Post has brought this fantasy to fruition.

There have been many attempts at meshing cookies with cereal.  There’s the classic Cookie Crisp Cereal that belongs on the leaderboard, for sure. We’ve also seen Keebler and the Girls Scouts introduced cereals featuring cookies. There’s the new Chips Ahoy! Cereal on the shelves now. And, of course, Oreo came out with their cookie flavored Oreo O’s.  But never have we seen such stellar innovation, such brilliance in the form of a cereal, as the new Nutter Butter Cereal.

Nutter Butter: the silly name of the magnificently simple, yet powerful peanut-shaped cookie featuring peanut butter cream smashed between two peanut butter wafers. Nabsico introduced these to the public in 1969, and we’re just now – nearly fifty years later – getting to enjoy them in the form of a breakfast food, thanks to Post. What a beautiful time to be alive!

The box is easy to spot. It’s a brilliant red with the classic blue and white “Nutter Butter” lettering slapped on it. The bowl of cereal on the box is filled with oddly shaped nuggets that resemble curved, half-melted snowmen. I know they are supposed to look like mini Nutter Butter Cookies, but they don’t. It says, “made with REAL peanut butter” on the box, so let’s dive in!

As soon as I opened the box – POOF! A mystical peanut butter cloud drifted out.  They really smell identical to a real Nutter Butter Cookie.  My expectations are through the roof at this point, so let’s try a couple of them dry before gracing them with a bath of milk.

Holy shitballs!  Seriously – they literally taste like a Nutter Butter Cookie.  Even the aftertaste leaves that pleasant sugary/nutty flavor behind. Did they really just use that machine from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids to create this cereal?  It damn sure tastes like it.  I noticed that the pieces are super light and oddly…. fuzzy?  They are really soft – which is actually the creamy coating of real peanut butter. Most flavored cereal is just something sweet slapped on top of a boring ass corn flour ball. But I licked off all the peanut butter from one of the pieces, and the cereal was still nutty. Damn, these are good!

When I added milk, I was afraid they would lose that nutty flavor, or get soggy (like so many awesome cereals do). Normally, that’s ok, because I’m scarfing down a bowl in about 18 seconds anyway.  But this – I want to treasure every moment of this bowl.

I’m not sure how they did it, but the milk seems to activate some kind of magical force field around the bowl.  The milk actually enhances the peanut butter flavor! I even let them sit there, bathing in the milk for a few minutes to see how soggy they would get.  I was shocked that although they lost a bit of the crunch, they were far from soggy.

This is my favorite cereal now.  If you’re a Nutter Butter fan….nay – a peanut butter fan in general, you’ll fall in love with this cereal. When this box is empty, I honestly believe I might get a little emotional about it.  This was the best interpretation of a cookie turned cereal I’ve ever had. And that’s saying a lot because I love me some cereal. Plus, I’m chubby, which means I try and test a lot of food. Look for this cereal.  Buy it.  Eat it. Enjoy it. And then sit back, and reflect on this beautiful time that we live in.

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