Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos Review

Love is in the air! Did you know that consumer spending on Valentine’s Day totals out to $13.2 billion dollars each year? Yup, $13.2 BILLION. Valentine’s Day is probably the biggest Hallmark holiday of the year and every company wants a piece of the pie. Including greedy ass Nabisco. Here we are, in 2018, with Valentine’s Day themed Oreos. I wouldn’t be surprised to see President’s Day themed Oreos next up (Nabisco, hit me up for some ideas).

These Valentine’s Day Oreos, Hot & Spicy Cinnamon, are supposed to replicate the Red Hots candies. A candy that is very cinnamon-y with a spicy note. These Oreos feature the cinnamon candy creme wedged between two classic chocolate Oreo wafers. The creme is incredibly bright and strikes you right away as you open the package. They smell very good. Pretty spot on with Red Hots and also reminded me of a cinnamon scented candle. However, my expectations for this cookie are pretty low. I mean, come on…who in the world would want a Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo?

Time to give these cookies a shot. Not expecting much. Here we go…

One bite and a few words come to my mind immediately: Red Hots and Big Red. With a hint of chocolate (from the wafer cookies). That’s exactly what it tastes like to me. The cinnamon creme overtakes the chocolate flavor and it’s the first thing you taste. The cinnamon taste is very artificial tasting as well, making it just blaaahhh. Very blaaaahh. The cinnamon is incredibly sweet, with a ever so slight spicy kick afterwards. If you do enjoy Red Hots or Big Red gum, I say these cookies make for a great buy so you can get that same flavor in cookie form. However, if you aren’t a fan of that candy cinnamon flavor, I highly recommend just saving your money and using it towards other snacks.

These cookies are not horrible in my opinion, just nothing special. I honestly don’t think I will finish the entire pack (or even half of it). I’d just rather spend my calories on something I can enjoy more (yes, I legit do count calories…otherwise I probably would be 500 pounds). Nabisco, why don’t you stop fucking with super weird flavors and stick with what the people actually want…like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Oreos. I’m sure those would fly off the shelves…what do you think, guys?

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