Doritos Blaze Chips Review

Finally…a new Doritos flavor! It seems like it has been forever since Frito-Lay has launched a new flavor and these are set to be a permanent flavor! The bright purple bag features a thermal hand image and a lava-like glow around the pictured Doritos. Which to me, implies these are spicy. The bag makes no mention of the flavor, except “Blaze”. What the fuck does blaze taste like though? Duh Jason…blaze typically means hot…which translates to spicy. The back of the bag does mention that Doritos Blaze is “like licking a volcano”…so there’s my answer. These are definitely intended to be a spicy flavor. As many of you know by now, I am a huge chip fanatic. I literally have to try every single new flavor that I spot and I have a special place in my heart for spicy chips (read my bio at the end of this post 😉 ).

I open the bag and immediately notice the intense aroma! I immediately pick up sweet scents that reminded me a bit of pineapple and lime. I also notice the seasoning on the chips…bright as fuck. Lots of seasoning. They are loaded with seasoning…even more than the classic Nacho Cheese flavor.  Just how I like it! These better taste as good as they smell and look.

First chip taste and here are my immediate thoughts. The first thing you notice is a sweet and smokey flavor, followed by a slight nacho cheese flavor. Once you swallow, the spiciness begins to set in and it all makes sense why they named this flavor “Blaze”. I realllly loved how there’s a sweetness to these chips before the spice comes through. Almost tasted a little like pineapple before the spice settled in. Once the spice hit you, the final flavor I pick up on is a zesty salsa.

These chips do have a bit of heat to them, but they definitely are not like “licking a volcano” as the bag suggests. These chips contain garlic powder, onion powder, tomato powder, jalapeno powder, and spice powder. I am going out on a limb — but I am guessing the spiciness comes mainly from the jalapeno powder and the spice powder (whatever that is).

The name “Blaze” implies that these are strictly spicy chips, however they are also sweet as I mentioned. Maybe a name of “Sweet Blaze” would’ve been a better fit! Overall, I am very impressed with these chips. I was expecting a bit more spice though…these tasted more like a mild salsa. However, they are still a bit spicy and if you enjoy anything remotely spicy, I highly recommend these chips!

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