Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos Review

Chocolate hazelnut? Nutella! Of course they can’t call them Nutella, but we all know it’s pretty much fucking Nutella. I’m glad Nabisco finally realized they need to stop getting so creative with their limited edition flavors and stick to more dreamy flavors like this one.

What makes Nutella so delicious? Sugar. The main ingredient in Nutella is sugar (and not hazelnuts). These Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos also list sugar as the main ingredient (classic Oreos do not). Okay…we’re on the right track here. These have to be good!

These Oreos feature golden Oreo wafers with a chocolate hazelnut (“Nutella”) creme. I open the package and take a whiff…I smell golden Oreo wafers and nothing else. I take a wafer off so I can smell the creme directly — it smells almost nothing. If anything, I would say it smells like faint shit. But so faint that you can’t really say it smells like shit. I figured I would smell chocolate or hazelnut. Let’s hope they don’t taste like faint shit…

OMG. These are gooood! The golden Oreo wafers combined with the creme make for a perfect combination. When compared to actual Nutella, the creme filling is pretty darn similar in taste. However, the hazelnut flavor isn’t as bold as Nutella, but the creme does replicate the flavor pretty well. I also noticed, the chocolate portion of the chocolate hazelnut combination was a bit on the ‘darker’ side when comparing it to Nutella. However, when you eat the cookie as a whole (and not just the creme filling), the classic golden Oreo wafer flavor balances everything out and it really does taste like that classic Nutella flavor. These are the perfect limited-edition Oreo to dip in milk… they are delicious!

If I was able to go back and change something about these, I would definitely make the creme a bit less dark and make the hazelnut a bit more bold. However, I feel like I need to reiterate it again — these are definitely Nutella-like (and thankfully don’t taste like faint shit)! Grab a pack and enjoy your sugar high!

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