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Sprint Introduces Hulu Shows Inspired Popcorn

Sprint recently partnered up with Hulu, and introduced some fun popcorn flavors. Confused? What the hell does a phone company, a streaming service and popcorn have to do with each other? The Sprint Unlimited Freedom mobile plans now include Hulu, so the marketing jumped on the chance to feed the faces of their snack-loving customers. The limited edition flavors are:

– Salty Tears inspired by This is Us
– Absolutely Nothing inspired by Seinfeld
– Beer and Pretzels inspired by Cheers
– Philly Cheesesteaks inspired by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
– Garlic inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer
– Cheeseburger inspired by Bob’s Burgers
– Coney Island inspired by Brooklyn Nine-Nine
– Cosmic Dust inspired by Future Man

I’m all about these flavors, especially the Beer and Pretzels and Coney Island! These bags of popcorn will be offered at select locations, which sucks, because you aren’t guaranteed to find them. However, you can use the hashtag #HungryforHulu to try to win some on Twitter.

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