Snyder’s of Hanover Twists Blueberry Pretzels Review

I’m pretty sure Snyder’s of Hanover is America’s official pretzel company. Who the fuck fucks with Rold Gold? I’ve been a huge fan of Snyder’s of Hanover’s pretzels my entire life. I am especially a fan of their Pieces line. While buying some Honey Mustard Pieces Pretzels, I immediately spotted  new product that I’ve never seen before. Snyder’s of Hanover Blueberry Twists Pretzels…interesting. The package states that they’re made with blueberry bits. I’m sold.

Pretzels and blueberries sounds like an interesting combination that I’ve never tried before. Let’s be honest…none of us have ever tried it before. Straight up, fruit infused pretzels sounds like it could be a game changer. Snyder’s of Hanover is the pretzel boss, and I won’t be surprised to see other companies (ahem, Rold Gold) follow suit and copy them with this new concept.

They look like regular Snyder’s of Hanover Twists with a purple hint.

I’m so curious just how blueberry these pretzels really are. I open the bag and take a big whiff. They smell like regular old Snyder’s of Hanover Twists with a tiny hint of sweet blueberry. The blueberry scent almost reminded me of a pancake syrup smell. I notice that these twists also have a blue hint to them. Both are indicators to me that these pretzels are about to actually taste like blueberry!

I dive right and and begin stuffing my face. To put it simple, they taste just like regular Snyder’s of Hanover Twists that we all know and love. After a few seconds, the blueberry notes hit your precious tastebuds! The blueberry flavor is slightly sweet, but does not stand out overall. I honestly was expecting more of a featured blueberry flavor. I think I did expect a bolder blueberry taste at first due to the color of the pretzels. The purplish hint led me to believe that these were about to be super blueberry tasting!

The classic wheat-y pretzel taste stands out — while the blueberry flavor is hard to pick up on. I don’t mind this at all though — Snyder’s of Hanover really pulled this one off. If the blueberry flavor was more prominent, they pretzels would probably become too sweet. It’s just the right balance. The blueberry touch adds “twist” to these pretzels! 😉

Delicately sweet. But delicious. Buy these. Don’t buy the Rold Gold copycat version they are probably making right now. Just don’t expect a very bold blueberry flavor, otherwise you might be disappointed!

Side note… I tried a few of these with cream cheese. Try it, you won’t be disappointed! 

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