Quaker Gingerbread Spice Chewy Granola Bars Review

Now that pumpkin spice season is over, we can finally start focusing on holiday shit. Specifically gingerbread flavored snacks. Why isn’t gingerbread a more common flavor every holiday season? The world may never know. The good thing is that some companies have stepped it up this holiday season and we are finally seeing more gingerbread flavored snacks than usual. Maybe it’s a trend that will continue, but we all know it won’t ever come close to the pumpkin spice craze. Wake me up when there’s gingerbread spice flavored cough drops.

I walked by these Quaker Gingerbread Spice Chewy Granola Bars at Target and the box instantly caught my attention. It’s very shiny and has that glitter look to it. For some reason, the box mentions “Snowday” on it. I have no idea what they are trying to get at…but it gives me the holiday vibes, so whatever. The gingerbread man on the box looks like he’s about to get laid, which in my opinion, implies that these are about to be delicious. Great job with the box art, Quaker.

Gingerbread spice granola bars? Sign me the fuck up. I open the package and it’s time for a smell test. The distinct gingerbread smell is present and the holiday spirit rushes through my body – I felt like Buddy the Elf for a second. Well, not really, but smelling the gingerbread made really excited that I am going to be stuffing my face with holiday junk for about a month straight soon. WOOO! Aren’t we all excited?

The icing is where all the magic is at.

I take a bite and boom – gingerbread. They didn’t lie to us (Santa knows if we are naughty or nice, afterall). The gingerbread spice taste is very present, although not overpowering. The classic gingerbread taste we all know and love – I don’t pick up on any cinnamon notes that are sometimes found in gingerbread items. It’s got a sweet taste to it, which balances out nicely with the neutral natural granola taste. This granola bar features a white icing, which I suspect is where all of the gingerbread spice taste is coming from (rather than being infused into the granola bar).

Just like a regular Quaker Granola bar, these are chewy and soft at the same time. Very easy to eat. The sweet gingerbread spice taste does linger in your mouth for a bit, but just for a few minutes. Overall, very impressive. I’ve always loved granola bars so I had pretty high standard for these… Quaker honestly did a great job with the gingerbread spice taste. Go pick up a box, turn on some Christmas music, watch Home Alone 1 & 2, and get your Christmas Tree up ASAP because the holiday season is right here and right now thanks to Quaker!

Side note: Quaker has also launched Quaker Life Gingerbread Spice Cereal and Oatmeal if you want even more gingerbread shit. I know I sure do. 

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