Pepsi Salted Caramel Review

Soda drinkers fall into one of three categories: Coke people, Pepsi people, or “soda is so bad for you, I only drink water with mint leaves and twigs in it” people. I’m clearly not a health nut, and enjoy a nice glass of bubbly soda with my greasy bacon cheeseburger and cheesy fries.  I was pretty excited to finally find the highly anticipated Pepsi Salted Caramel. Salted caramel + Pepsi. Hmmmm.  My first thoughts were, “I LOVE salted caramel stuff, so this should be awesome!” and “cola already has a sweet caramel tone to it, so I’m game.” Yes, my refined soft drink pallet can detect notes of nutmeg and vanilla with a hint of brown sugar in a soda.

There’s no noticeable difference in the color of Salted Caramel Pepsi and regular Pepsi. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I kind of thought it would look a little different.  Maybe I anticipated little flecks of salt floating in it. Alas, there are no salt pieces. When I poured it into my wine glass (because I’m cultured, remember?), it smelled like regular Pepsi. Again, not sure what I thought it would smell like, but I was surprised I didn’t pick up on any other scents. That could be because I currently have a snot factory in my nose because of this damn indecisive Texas weather.

Let’s taste this bad boy!  First sip, and I’m hooked.  Hot DAMN, this really does taste like salted caramel + Pepsi.  And the flavors meld really well together. I get the fizzy carbonation, the classic bold Pepsi flavors, and then a sweet, subtle caramel taste.  When I annoyingly smack my lips after a sip (which drives me crazy when other people do it), I definitely pick up on that caramel and it’s yummy!  And when I keep tasting more and more, I grab that saltiness. Shockingly, it’s mild enough to not offset the sweetness of the soda, but actually enhances it. There’s a distinct salted caramel aftertaste that I really enjoyed, as well.

Oddly enough, this soda also brings out a subtle, fruity kind of flavor. I can’t put my finger on it, and if I did, it would probably come back sticky. Maybe it’s just all of the weird flavors dancing around together in there, but the fruitiness is still there. It’s not like citrus or apple.  Just a generic sweetness I would designate with fruit. It’s not bad at all, just surprising. And it doesn’t offset from the salted caramel, either. It’s just sort of hanging out there.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did I finish the bottle?  No. Would I buy it again? Probably not, because I can always grab a regular Pepsi. It’s unique and fun, but not something I want to have again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the flavors and think it’s really delicious!  But I save my fancy flavors for my coffee creamer, not soda.

Salted Caramel Pepsi – you have a new fan. I really enjoyed my glass of it whilst sitting on my couch, listening to Christmas jazz music on the middle-aged woman radio station, with my legs crossed and pinky out. I wanted to make my date with this new product special, and it was. Alas, I do not have a fireplace. That would have really made this Pepsi date super romantic.

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