Pepperidge Farm Milano Slices Peppermint Cookies Review

Peppermint is a holiday staple. So is chocolate. When combined, the peppermint and chocolate combination can be dangerous and to be honest, is quiet underrated. These Pepperidge Farm Milano Slices Peppermint cookies feature both of these magical holiday flavors in one cookie. The package screams the holidays when you look at it — of course I couldn’t resist! The package features snowflakes and peppermint candy.

I picked up a pack of these at Target and was extremely excited to try them out. Although these aren’t a brand new product, they are limited-edition and are only on shelves for the holidays. I don’t know why I’ve never tried them before but thanks to Snack Gator, I figured I would just to tell you my thoughts on it (for the two of you who actually read my dumb reviews).

These cookies are really cute. Yes, cookies can be cute. It features a thin Milano cookie, topped with chocolate, and sprinkled with crushed up peppermint. The bottom part of the cookie is exposed, while the top part is topped with the thin layer of chocolate and the peppermint pieces. The bag describes these peppermint pieces as ‘peppermint chips’ but trust me, crushed up candy canes is better way to describe it. These cookies don’t smell like peppermint at all. I do pick up on the scent of light chocolate and that’s about it.

Magical holiday goodness.

One bite and boy am I excited for more! These cookies are incredibly light and pleasing. There’s a nice crunch to the actual cookie, followed by the taste of the semi-sweet chocolate. Then, the peppermint hits you at last. Yum. The peppermint isn’t too overpowering and balances perfectly with the chocolate taste that isn’t too sweet. The cookie is airy, the chocolate is on the dark side and also smooth, and the peppermint is… just peppermint (no surprises). The minty flavor lingers in your mouth just a tad, but in a good way.

A great way to describe this cookie is that it’s just simple. You get the crunch of the thin and light Milano cookie, the taste of chocolate to follow, then the cooling effect of the peppermint. There’s not a lot going on besides except that these are pretty much slices of heaven.

To sum it up, these definitely make a great holiday treat. Stuff your face with them, serve them to guests, throw them in gift baskets…no matter what you do, your waist line is confirmed going to get bigger this holiday season. You are on a junk food blog after all…what are you expecting? Go pick up a few bags of these and eat away!

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