Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s Review

I know it sounds weird, but anything with a wintery design on the product packaging makes me want to buy the product ten times more. Just throw snowflakes, a snowman, or green and red colors on a package and you’ve got yourself a sale from my fat ass. I guess you could say the holiday warm and fuzzy feelings take over my purchase decisions. These Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s are exclusive to Target and I drove around from Target to Target until I finally found a bag. I was honestly a bit confused by the packaging. It features the yellow ‘peanut’ M&M (shivering his balls off) and the words ‘Peanut Brrrittle’. No mention of ‘limited edition’ or ‘seasonal’ flavor on the packaging, so it left me wondering if these were truly just plain old peanut M&M’s in disguise as an effort to increase sales this holiday.

Well, the package also featured snow flakes and green and red M&M’s. You know I had to buy it regardless, but I honestly would be pretty devastated if they were just regular M&M’s. Usually the limited-edition M&M’s flavors feature some sort of flavor description on the package. This one did not, although the “Brrr-ittle” left me hoping it is peanut brittle flavored.

I get home from Target and I am excited as ever to try these. As I open the resealable bag and take a big whiff, I instantly pick up on a unique scent. I knew right then and there that these weren’t the ordinary peanut M&M’s…thank you Mars for not fucking with us! I pick up on a very sweet buttery aroma. The scent is strong and it left my mouth watering.

I pop a few in my mouth and god damn. These are fucking amazing! I immediately pick up on a buttery toffee, brittle-like flavor. The candy shell is where all the magic is at. When I strategically ate a few of just the candy shells without the peanuts, I taste a sweet toffee with a hint of caramel. It reminded me of a Heath bar in a way. However, when eating the M&M as a whole (peanut included), you get the complete experience of the peanut brittle taste.

After several more M&M’s, I am convinced that the candy shell tastes more like toffee than anything else. In some weird magical way, the peanut transforms the flavor into a solid peanut brittle taste. Now that I officially like these, we still have to address the fact that the peanut M&M on the package is almost frozen to death…yet still smiling at the same time. That’s the true holiday spirit…we should all look up him and strive to be just like him. Take what you have and appreciate everything. In this case, I sure do appreciate these limited-edition M&M’s! The resealable bag was useless for me because the entire bag was gone in one sitting…

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