belVita Gingerbread Review

Tired of pumpkin spice flavored everything yet? Once Halloween passed and November hit the calendar, it’s the official kickoff to the holiday season. And you know what that means – HOLIDAY FLAVORS! Eggnog, cinnamon, every type of chocolate, cranberry, peppermint, hot cocoa (which seems to be the new “it” flavor this year) and even chestnut flavored items start hitting the shelves. But the best and most highly anticipated flavor of the season is gingerbread.

Gingerbread has that warm peppery spicy ginger mixed with the sweet and almost bitter taste of molasses. That actually sounds pretty gross now that I look at it.  But together, they make the perfect couple – like Brad and Jen. Except the ginger and molasses stay together. Forever.

belVita released a brand new product this year – belVita Gingerbread! If you’ve never had a belVita product -think of it like a breakfast biscuit or a bowl of oatmeal made into a cracker. They are “nutritious,” and have lots of grains and healthy shit in them. Plus, they claim to offer you energy for 4 hours after you eat them.  The box is riddled with little nutrition facts about the product like how many calories, sugars, blah, blah and blah. Plain belVita biscuits are boring and taste like the stuff you feed birds. But the flavored ones usually nail it hard core.

The box has a really cute gingerbread man on it, and I kind of wish they would have shaped the biscuits like little men. However, even as they are, they are SUPER crumbly and don’t keep their shape anyway. You get 4 biscuits in a pack, but it’s more like 23 pieces of biscuits once you open it up. Even when I try to carefully pull one out, it breaks.

Right when I open a packet, I can immediately smell cinnamon and ginger. Boom. Gingerbread. It’s pretty strong and spicy, so I’m hoping that reflects in the biscuits. I don’t care about the whole grain hay barley crap they are made out of, as long as it’s covered with a great gingerbread flavor and has a nice consistency.  For the health conscious freaks out there, you can actually see the grain things in the biscuits, so that should make you feel good. Although, what the hell are you doing reading a review on a junk food blog?


My first bite ended up being about 12 bites, and 3 biscuits. I literally couldn’t stop eating them!  I taste the classic gingerbread flavor – cinnamon, ginger, molasses, and the weird little whole grain things offer a nice nutmeg taste. There’s a very sweet, nice aftertaste that lingers, too.  And it’s freaking awesome. They taste almost exactly like a holiday gingerbread cookie – except for the texture. They are super duper crumbly, and don’t have that awesome crunch you get from a cookie. The texture is definitely that of a biscuit and not a cookie, with a little bit of a grittiness that I wasn’t really digging. But the flavors are incredible and they absolutely nailed it on that front. And the flavor makes up for the grainy texture, for sure.

I can’t say I got that “4 hours of energy” from them because I was so full after eating 3 packets that I took a nap. They are probably WAY more healthy than an actual gingerbread cookie, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t care. It’s the perfect combination of molasses, ginger and cinnamon  you would expect, and really makes the holidays seem like they are really here. It’s Christmas in a box. If you love gingerbread, buy these. If you love Brad & Jen, buy these.  If you love Christmas, buy these.

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