Nature Valley Gingerbread Bars Review

Gingerbread, in my opinion, should be dark, spicy, and molasses-laced flavor – all at the same time. Not enough companies are getting into the gingerbread market, but it is slowly growing. Nature Valley’s latest flavor is Gingerbread — you bet I was excited when I saw them at Target! These are new for the 2017 holiday season. The ingredients list cinnamon, molasses, and ginger all as ingredients…so I am thinking these have big potential to be amazing. These could probably make some great stocking stuffers for Santa if they are actually good.

Nature Valley bars are known for two things. Being crunchy as hell and being messy as FUCK. You know what I mean. Crumbs everywhere. So in preparation, I decided to eat my Nature Valley Gingerbread Bars over the trash can so I didn’t have to spend extra time sweeping and vacuuming. Somehow, I still made a mess, but that’s another story (since we are here to discuss whether or not these are worth your money).

Let’s address the smell first. It smells like regular old Nature Valley bars with a dash of cinnamon. I don’t pick up on any scents of ginger or any other spices — just cinnamon. Nothing too surprising, but I thought it would’ve smelled more gingerbread-y. My mouth was watering anyways, so I am ready to give them a go!

First bite, and I instantly pick up on ginger. The taste hits your tongue immediately as you bite into the the classic crunchy oats. A few moments later and I start to pick up on a faint cinnamon and molasses taste. Although the taste of ginger is picked up right away, It’s worth noting it’s not a bold ginger taste as I was hoping for.  The ginger taste trumps the other two flavors and it’s pretty much all I taste. I repeat — the cinnamon and molasses are pretty hard to pick up on. Which is weird, considering the ingredients list says ginger is the least used ingredients out of the three. I was honestly hoping for more of a straight up gingerbread taste. All in all, the spices used in this bar are pretty faint.

I took a few more bites, hoping for a different outcome. After several crumbs later, I officially have my mind set. These are pretty darn good and I did enjoy them a lot — yet I am still disappointed at the same time. They could’ve been much better if the gingerbread spice taste was more balanced. A bolder gingerbread taste with a more prominent cinnamon note would’ve been so much better, in my own fatass opinion.

Would I buy these again? Probably not. They weren’t nasty by any means, I was just hoping for a more festive flavor. I really thought Nature Valley would’ve went with a more noticeable gingerbread taste I think I would rather buy one of the classic Nature Valley flavors the next time, but it was a lot of fun to try this seasonal flavor while it is out on shelves!

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