Lindt Lindor Gingerbread Chocolate Truffles Review

When it comes to gingerbread, you either like it, or you like it. No one hates gingerbread, and if you say you do, you might as well consider yourself to be the Grinch of holiday junk food. I stumbled across these new Lindt Lindor Gingerbread Chocolate Truffles at Target on a beautiful Lindt Lindor display near the Christmas decorations. As I glanced by it, I saw a lot of returning flavors that were out last holiday season. At the very bottom of the display were these Gingerbread truffles. Hiding. The packaging looks almost identical to the original Lindt truffles, but there’s a tiny ass gingerbread man the front. Yes! These are new for the 2017 Holiday season and it feels like I hit the jackpot. I grabbed a couple of extra bags to hand out – because ’tis the season for giving right? Fuck the Grinch.

These Lindor Gingerbread Chocolate Truffles have a strong scent of gingerbread. A lot more than what I was expecting. They are of the regular milk chocolate variety, rather than the white chocolate shell they sometimes offer. I take a bite and the filling immediately hits my tongue. I am immediately hit by a gingerbread taste. A very bold one! They went all in on the gingerbread spices here.

The filling features bits of gingerbread cookie pieces. It’s mostly smooth, but after a moment, you notice there’s tiny bits of cookies in the filling! A nice touch if you ask me. However, it’s worth noting that these bits are microscopic and not ones you can really visibly see. They do provide a nice crunch to the truffles. The filling is luscious and extremely creamy, so the added cookie pieces add a nice twist.

Smooth. Creamy. Hidden gingerbread cookie bits. YUM!

Let’s address the actual gingerbread taste more. Does it taste like gingerbread? It’s fucking spot on. It does feature gingerbread cookie pieces, after all. However, in my opinion, the gingerbread taste is incredibly sweet. I got that weird thirsty feeling after eating something too sweet after eating just one. I drank a huge glass of water, and ate my second truffle just to gather more thoughts. I think I fell in love with the gingerbread filling… I almost wish they’d make a Nutella-like spread out of it. It’s fucking perfect! However, a rush of sweetness hits you as you chew more and I am convinced it’s too sweet.

I handed one to my mom to see what she thought. It’s worth noting my mom is a huge fan of gingerbread as well. She was also impressed by the gingerbread filling (especially the crunchy cookie bits), but she also agreed that it was just too sweet.

There is one simple solution to this problem… Lindt should’ve went with the dark chocolate shell rather than the regular chocolate. I believe that would’ve offset the crazy sweet taste and we could enjoy the filling taste a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I would still highly recommend buying these because they are delicious, just be ready with a huge glass of water because you’ll get thirsty after eating just one!

Once you try these, you’ll probably want to join me in starting a riot at the Lindt headquarters. I fucking demand they make this gingerbread filling into a spread so I can eat it by the spoonful! Who is with me?

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