Wasabi Doritos Review

Anytime Doritos releases a new limited-edition flavor, I get super excited. I mean it. Jason goes together with chips kinda like how peanut butter goes along with jelly. It’s the perfect match. It’s probably also why I am single but I don’t care.

Although these Wasabi Doritos aren’t entirely brand new, they’re brand new to me. These chips were a Sam’s Club exclusive and are now brought back to Walmart as a Walmart exclusive. Even then, I am hearing reports that they are not carried at all Walmart locations. So when I walked by these Wasabi Doritos, my eyes lit up like I just walked by a super hot chick. The bright lime green bag caught my attention and I immediately threw a couple bags in my cart.

Wasabi is one of those flavors I don’t have a preference for. I am not a fan of it, but I don’t hate it. I’ll eat it if it is there but I won’t go out of my way to eat Wasabi (does anyone do that?).

Bright green seasoning!

I open the bag expecting to immediately smell that distinctively strong wasabi smell. Nope. I whiffed long and hard (and even considered snorting it for a second) — but all I could pick up was a lime scent. The chips were bright green colored which was very interesting. Very fitting for wasabi. Time to try them out…

I stuff a few chips in my mouth and I thankfully, I pick up on a wasabi taste and not lime as the scent suggested. The seasoning was definitely pretty accurate with the classic wasabi taste. That standard tortilla chip flavor is tasted first. However, not long after, you get the spicy mustard and horseradish combination found in wasabi (it hits you pretty fast).

It’s worth noting that the wasabi kick isn’t overpowering at all. It’s definitely present and the taste is clearly wasabi, it is toned down a bit. I think this is a good thing. Just my opinion, but if the wasabi flavor was stronger, I don’t think I would have enjoyed these chips. It’s the perfect balance — you taste the corn tortilla chips flavor and the wasabi seasoning. If you’ve ever had Wasabi & Soy SauceBlue Diamond Almonds, the seasoning on these chips taste pretty close to them.

I say these are definitely a buy since the wasabi taste isn’t too strong! They probably won’t clear your sinuses like actual wasabi will but these are freaking chips and they make a great snack. Now all I need to do is go out of my way to find some wasabi salsa and my wasabi snack goals will be all set!

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