Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix Review

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes! I’m ready for hot cocoa. You can now officially drink your Oreos. Sign me up! Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix is a brand new product (I found it at Walmart). Anything Oreo has my attention, so I threw the box in my cart and was pretty happy with the find. My main concern with this hot cocoa mix is that it’s going to taste just like plain hot cocoa mix. I was tempted to purchase more than one box because I am a big hot cocoa fan, but I decided to stick with just one box just in case it was bullshit and didn’t offer any Oreo taste.

The box comes with 8 single serve packets for $2.98. That’s a little more expensive than Swiss Miss or other varieties but they don’t have an Oreo flavor, do they? You can slap the name Oreo on anything and I will pay more for it. Oreo is love, Oreo is life. I shouldn’t get into my love for Oreos now though… let’s get into the review.

The Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix actually does smell a bit like Oreos. Looking at the ingredients list, the box lists “Oreo Cookie Crumbs” as an ingredient. Hell yes. That explains how I was able to pick up on the Oreo scent. As I prepared myself a cup of this hot cocoa, I noticed that it had a pretty thick consistency. According to my rocket science calculations, that’s probably because of the cookie crumbs being a part of the mix. I mixed the packet with the hot water for about a minute but I noticed there were still clumps that weren’t dissolving. Despite stirring like crazy, they wouldn’t go away.


Love at first sip. This stuff is freaking amazing. This hot cocoa mix really does taste like Oreos in beverage form. Yeah, you still get the classic hot cocoa taste, but I was pretty amazed how much of the cookies & creme flavor would be incorporated into this. The hot cocoa chocolate flavor is more on the dark chocolate side. You first taste regular dark hot chocolate cocoa, then moments later you pick up on the delicious Oreo flavor. As for the clumps, they are surprisingly delicious. I think they are clumps of the cookie crumbs or something because anytime my sip contained a clump, it tasted even more like Oreos. Honestly, I thought the clumps would bug me enough to write up a bad review, but they really did make the mix a whole lot better. I am not sure if this was intentional by Oreo to make the mix impossible to fully dissolve, but it worked out great.

This is going to be my new favorite product for the winter months. Winter in Michigan sucks but when you got hot cocoa by your side, nothing can go wrong. Oreo flavored too. My fatass is thinking outside of the box… I plan to make a delicious milkshake using this Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix packet. Imagine all the other possibilities you can do with this! 😀 Definitely a must buy if you love Oreo and hot cocoa.

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