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Found! White Peppermint & Holiday Mint M&M’s

Well lookie lookie what I just found at CVS!  The holiday snacks are starting to roll out on the shelves, and I couldn’t be more excited! The pumpkin spice craze has started to calm down a bit – like when I was 10 years old and took my Ritalin. Although these aren’t new products, they are definitely fan favorites.  The White Peppermint M&M’s and Holiday Mint M&M’s conspicuously just appeared again!  White Peppermint M&M’s debuted in 2012, so this is the fifth year in a row they have been released. Following closely behind them, the Holiday Mint M&M’s came out in 2013 and were an instant hit. I hope there are some new flavors on the horizon….

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