Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes Review

When it comes to feel good snacks, Hostess is King.  There’s nothing that a Hostess Cupcake can’t fix.  You struck out at your first Little League baseball game? Mom hands you a Hostess Cupcake and you feel like you just hit a homer.  Got fired from your job? Hit Walmart and spend your last $2.50 on a box of spongey, chocolatey goodness and you’ll feel rich again.  On your period? Sit in the closet, pull that pillowcase full of emergency snacks out from your t-shirt drawer, and gorge yourself. You’ll feel like a princess again.  Hostess is King of feel good snacks and every season, they introduce or bring back something magical and delicious.

A couple of years ago, Hostess put the new Candy Corn Cupcakes on the shelves.  Candy corn and cupcakes.  Could a combination get any better?  I was so excited to try these because I love me some candy corn.  And of course I love Hostess Cupcakes because I’m a human being with taste buds.  I found these at Walmart and snatched up the box, excited to try them.

These are really pretty cupcakes.  There’s a bright yellow frosting on top of the classic yellow cake cupcake.  It has neon orange, fluorescent yellow and white sprinkles on top, along with the classic white frosting squiggly line on every cupcake.  They really look like candy corn in cupcake form!

I can’t say they smelled like candy corn, so disappointment immediately overtook me. Perhaps the creme in the middle will rock that candy corn flavor of sugar and slight caramel notes. I took a big bite, and although the package shows a bright orange creme filling, I was still surprised to see it.  How fun!

As I ate it, I tried really hard to detect candy corn.  I even closed my eyes, put my pinkies out and slowly swirled it around my mouth. None of that helped.  I decided maybe I needed to try just the creme in the middle.  THAT must be where the candy corn flavors burst out!  However, it just tasted like the classic vanilla creme.

There’s nothing candy corn about this cupcake, except for the colors.  It’s trickery at its best.  It literally tastes like a yellow Hostess cupcake with vanilla frosting.  I’m beginning to think that the candy corn aspect only comes through with the frosting colors, and Hostess maybe forgot to mention that on the box.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a delicious cupcake, as all Hostess Cupcakes are delicious.  That goes without saying.  But candy corn?  No, sir.  Not even close.

So, Hostess failed miserably at the candy corn game.  It’s not the end of the world.  And I’ll still eat the rest of the box, and feel wonderful about life again, because Hostess is still King.

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  • Darn it! I had such high hopes that these would taste like candy corn. Maybe next year a sweet treat with true candy corn flavor will be born.

    • I hope so, too! I was pretty disappointed. They DID nail the candy corn colors…so kudos for that, I guess. And the cupcake wasn’t gross. I’ve had 4.

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