Doritos Crunch Mix Review

Ever get in one of those moods where you don’t know what snack you feel like? With so many options out there, it’s so hard to decide sometimes. I usually just buy like ten different things and call it a day. You can’t judge me either because I know you’re probably the same way since you are browsing a stupid snack blog in your free time. Doritos has a new product perfect for when you just want a little bit of everything! It’s called Doritos Crunch Mix and I am here to review both flavors for you (because I’m a loser).

I headed to 7-Eleven yesterday afternoon to buy myself a Slurpee because it was 95 degrees and sunny. Note that I am in Michigan and that’s a ridiculously high temperature for this time of year. As I walked towards the Slurpee machine, I spotted these Doritos Crunch Mix snacks at the very bottom of the chip shelf. It’s like they were hiding, but new snacks are like magnets to my eyes and they caught my attention immediately. Thank god for this scorching hot day, because otherwise, I probably would have not gone in for a Slurpee and wouldn’t have found these.

The Doritos Crunch Mix come in two classic flavors — Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. Each package includes five different snacks: crunch nut, pretzel bite, puff, 3D triangle, and corn stick. Before I get into the actual review, I would like to take a moment and applaud the Frito-Lay team for naming the nut snack ‘crunch nut’. I guess I am just immature, but what the hell kind of name is that for a snack? Makes me kinda cringe but it’s hilarious it really is named crunch nut. See below for proof.

Crunch nuts are a thing.

Smell test and I am picking up on mostly a corn chips scent. I guess it makes sense because corn is the the second ingredient listed. I did pick up on the classic Nacho Cheese & Cool Ranch scents but they were very faint. I try the Nacho Cheese flavor first because we all know that’s the best Doritos flavor to ever exist. Overall taste of the seasoning is pretty darn comparable to the seasoning found on the actual chips. I was pretty impressed. Onto the Cool Ranch and the same can be said for that flavor. They definitely weren’t cheap with the seasoning. A generous amount of seasoning is present on both flavors. I’ll break down each of the five snacks included in each package:

  • The crunch nut is a peanut with a chip-like coating. As the name implies, they are crunchy as fuck. They are pretty delicious. Unfortunately, there’s not many crunch nuts found in the package. Cheap asses. Or maybe I just got a bad batch. I would’ve liked to see more of them!
  • The pretzel bite is extremely similar to Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Pieces. I am a big fan of those pretzels and these reminded of me them a lot. It’s like I was eating Doritos flavored Snyder’s Pretzels… a dream come true!
  • The puff is a fucking puff. These were the most common of the five snacks. I would say these puffs made up about half of the package but I very much enjoyed them. They have a nice crunch and melt in your mouth after the initial first bite.
  • The 3D triangle reminded me a lot of the 3D Doritos from the 1990’s when I first saw them. However, they tasted a lot like original Fritos corn chips and the corn chip flavor does override the Doritios seasoning. There’s something off about these triangles.
  • The corn stick is pretty much like potato sticks chips. However, they are a lot thicker and crunchier than your normal corn stick! These were less common throughout the package. A super bold crunch — perfect fit for this Crunch Mix!

    Nacho Cheese. So delicious!

    Cool Ranch. Good as fuck but Nacho Cheese is better.

Which of these did I like best? Flavor-wise, definitely Nacho Cheese. Snack-wise, it comes down to either the pretzel bite or the puff. However, the pretzel gets the edge here because I love the Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Pieces snacks and these were a replica of them…only with Doritos seasoning on them. Overall, I really did enjoy this snack. They are great to take with you on the go, or to eat while laying down being a fat slob. The package makes it easy to lay down and eat…put one corner of the package to your mouth like you’re ‘drinking’ it and eat away. Hands-free too. Thank me later.

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