Cookie Butter Oreos Review

Oreo is back at it again. They keep on rolling out new limited edition flavors. Just a few weeks ago we got those precious Apple Pie Oreos and here we have Cookie Butter Oreos. Let’s admit it, these limited edition Oreo flavors bring us pure joy and happiness. I don’t understand what took them so long to come up with the Cookie Butter Oreos idea but I am just glad it’s here. If you are not familiar with cookie butter, you fucking suck. Plain and simple. Cookie butter is a staple in my household and I have to make sure I have at least 2 jars of Biscoff Cookie Butter at all times. I would best describe cookie butter as a spreadable and lickable creamy cookie. Imagine spreading cookie on your toast. Yes. It’s a game changer.

These Cookie Butter Oreos were just released today, September 18th. I am exhausted as I am typing this because I spent a bulk of my day driving around hunting these down. I ended up finding them at Walmart. At the very very very end of the store. Near the yogurts. I have no fucking idea why Walmart thought it was a good idea to place these Oreos there but I was so relieved when I found them. I have high expectations for these…they better be worth all the time and hassle it took for me to find them.

Cookie Butter Oreos are made with a graham flavored cookie with cookie butter flavored creme. I open the package and take a whiff and my mouth instantly waters. They smell nearly identical to Biscoff cookie butter spread. The scents of graham crackers, sugar, and cinnamon all combine together to make you want to eat these cookies immediately.

So thick. Turned me on.

I noticed the creme filling in these cookies were noticeably more than a regular Oreo. They almost reminded me of a double stuffed Oreo in terms of thickness. Damn. I had to tripe check to make sure what I was seeing was correct. Nabisco sometimes is cheap about the filling so it was nice to see more creme for a change.

I don’t wait any longer and I take a bite. One word. Perfect. These Cookie Butter Oreos are spot on and are just as they advertised. They taste like cookie butter and well…just cookie butter. The graham cracker cookie goes hand in hand with the cookie butter filling to make for one delicious cookie. Faint hints of warm spice and cinnamon are present in the cookie butter. The butter itself has tiny crushed up pieces of cookies to make for an amazing texture. Eat just the butter itself and you’ll instantly notice that the butter isn’t as smooth as the classic Oreo creme.

It makes sense why the creme filling of these cookies were a lot thicker. The crushed up cookies found within the creme filling are very prominent and add a great element to these already fantastic cookies. It’s worth mentioning that the cookie butter taste Nabisco formulated isn’t a bold cookie butter taste. The minute you try these cookies, you know immediately that they are cookie butter flavored, but the spice and cinnamon flavor are toned down a bit. I would consider these to be a must buy.

Earlier, I told my niece and nephew that I bought these. I fucked up because I told them I would save them some but I probably about to go eat the rest of them right now. I’ll buy them another package later…and a couple more for me!

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