Candy Bar Halo Top Ice Cream Review

I’m just gonna get right in it. Grab your spoons and get fucking ready to indulge in this delicious Candy Bar ice cream flavor that was just launched by Halo Top. Do you like Snickers? Even better, do you like Snickers in your ice cream? I sure as hell do. This Halo Top flavor reminds me a whole lot of Snickers. From the second you take your first bite, you taste Snickers and it’s just heavenly.

Peanuts. Just like a Snickers bar.

Found all throughout the ice cream, you’ll find tiny roasted peanuts pieces that give you the Snickers vibe almost immediately. The ice cream had a slight fluffy nougat taste. Not to mention the creamy consistency of the ice cream base went perfectly with the peanut pieces as they added a nice spin to the texture of it. You’ll also find caramel and chocolate swirls throughout the pint. What does that remind you of? A whole lot of Snickers. The chocolate and caramel isn’t too heavy and they all come together perfectly to give you the nougat Snicker taste.

I initially wanted to only eat a few bites to process what I thought regarding this flavor to type of this review. I’m not gonna lie…that didn’t happen. I ate the entire pint within a matter of minutes. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with the peanuts they added in this ice cream…they’re they perfect touch. But then again, how can they make Snickers flavored ice cream without peanuts?!

Halo Top could’ve easily partnered up with Snickers and slapped the Snickers label all over the pints. Genius move by Halo Top not doing this because they just did it themselves….it tastes nearly identical to a Snickers bar. Screw Snickers though, there’s a new nougat king in town and it’s right here. I’m definitely buying some more…this is probably my favorite Halo Top flavor ever!

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  • Sorry, but I do not like your second sentence in your review. I think you can find a better word to use in a review. I do not care to eat ice cream with that description of to eat the cream.

    • Well, that fucking sucks. So, you are refusing to eat an ice cream, because a sassy Gator dropped an f-bomb in the review? That seems awfully intolerant and unfair to the ice cream. Especially because “fucking” was used in an excited manner, and not to actually describe the TASTE of the ice cream. You’re missing out big fucking time.

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