Apple Pie Oreos Review

When you think of Americana, what comes to you? A few that come to me right away are baseball, football, the Statue of Liberty, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and never ending buffets. Wait. It feels like I am missing one major thing. Aha! Apple Pie! It doesn’t get much more American than that. I spotted these Apple Pie Oreos at Kroger and as I made the purchase, I felt like I accomplished the American dream. I may be a loser who blogs about snack foods for fun, however I finally found these Oreos after a week long search and that to me felt like the American Dream.

It’s only the beginning of September, but fall is coming fast and it’s definitely in the air here in Michigan. The temperatures dropped pretty significantly in the past week and it definitely feels like fall outside. Which means my fatass is craving more fall themed junk food. Apple Pie is definitely on that list and here’s my thoughts on them…

First and foremost, these Oreos have a very prominent cinnamon smell to them with a hint of tart apple. Most of the limited-edition Oreo cookies in the past did not have much of a scent so I was really surprised when I picked up on this strong scent.

The cookies Oreo went with to make these Apple Pie Oreo are graham crackers. They aren’t too sweet and have a perfect amount of the graham cracker taste. I was worried they were going to go with full blown graham cracker because I think it would’ve thrown off the entire apple pie concept. Luckily, that was not the case.

Apple pie is delicious. Which means these are delicious because they taste just like it.

As I bite into the entire Apple Pie Oreo cookie, this time with the filling, I instantly realize, these Oreos were worth the entire gas of tank I wasted searching for them. I told you earlier that I am a loser with no life… a ton of gas was wasted hunting these cookies down. Anyways, these cookies have a nice spice flavor to them and the creme isn’t overly sweet. Cinnamon flavor is tasted first, followed by a slightly tart apple taste. I also picked up on a hint of caramel in the creme. The sweet and tart filling is just right and balances surprisingly very well with the graham cracker cookies. The graham crackers and creme go hand-in-hand — Oreo really nailed these. The flavor seemed true to profile and genuine — no artificial aftertaste.

These are simply perfect. I look back on my life and realize I am pretty American. I’m into baseball and football, I’ve visited the Statue of Liberty, I love hotdogs and burgers, I stuff my face in buffets, and I love apple pie. Now I am proud to say that I have tried apple pie in cookie form. These Oreos are delicious and really do taste like apple pie. I think they’d even be better with some cold apple cider….speaking of which, who wants to go to the apple orchard and deliver me some? Thanks.

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