Werther’s Original Pumpkin Spice Caramels Review

The first pumpkin spice sightings of the year are always filled with joy. Unless you are one of the like three Americans that hate pumpkin spice things. Werther’s Original Caramels have been around forever and have become a household name to caramel lovers. I spotted these Werther’s Original Pumpkin Spice Soft Caramels at Dollar General and was super excited. It’s one of the first pumpkin spice products I have seen so far on shelves and I am just a big fan of Werther’s Original.

The package describes them as “Soft and Creamy Caramels with just a touch of Pumpkin Spice”. At just a buck, I couldn’t go wrong. There were only three packages left on the self…I bought them all just because I like to be a jerk sometimes (almost as much as this duck). I thought to myself, “what if these are good, Jason?”…”You better get more than one bag in case the rest of America wants to buy up all pumpkin spice products”. Myself was correct and I walked out with three bags — although I wish there was more than three (I need to get my pumpkin spice fix).

Eager to try them, I opened a bag in the car. Even before I put my seatbelt on. Yes, I am that into pumpkin spice…don’t judge me. As I unwrapped one, instantly got a whiff of pumpkin spice and a hint of cinnamon. These caramels definitely have a pumpkin-y scent to them and I was digging it. They didn’t appear to look any different than Werther’s Original Soft Caramels. Time to bite into one of these bad boys…

They look identical to the original caramel chews

These are definitely pumpkin spice and I am excited! The package is a liar because they mentioned these caramels have a ‘touch’ of pumpkin spice and the pumpkin spice flavor is very prominent. The texture of the chew is identical to the original soft chews – so they were very easy to chew and swallow. As I ate more, I confirmed to myself that these are incredibly flavorful – in a good way. There’s nothing subtle about the flavor.

I look at the ingredients list and noticed there isn’t any natural pumpkin flavoring or spices used in these. It’s all an artificial pumpkin taste, but they did a damn great job replicating the pumpkin spice flavor. What’s admirable about these is that they begin to taste a lot like pumpkin pie after you eat a few of them. Very flavorful and the artificial flavoring does a wonderful job at mimicking the pumpkin spice flavor. Why didn’t they just use real spices and natural flavors? Who the hell cares because these are freaking spot on. They got it right!

Fast forward a few minutes to when I stopped eating these caramels. I did notice there is a super sweet aftertaste to these. The sweet pumpkin taste and cinnamon taste lingers in your mouth for several minutes. What’s weird is that these don’t even have cinnamon listed as an ingredient, but whatever I was tasting reminded me very much of cinnamon. The aftertaste did linger for several minutes but I did not mind it much because it was pretty close to a pumpkin pie aftertaste.

In the world of pumpkin spice everything (good and bad), these caramels were very delightful overall. If you don’t like pumpkin spice, you should definitely steer clear of these because these were very pumpkin spice flavored – and it does override the classic caramel taste you get in the original caramels. Oh and if you are one of the like three people who don’t like pumpkin spice, go get your shit together and then come back when you do like pumpkin spice.

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