Tastykake Birthday Kake & Blueberry Mini Donuts Review

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting here in my jammies, holding a big cup of coffee, and I have my classic 80s cartoons streaming on Youtube.  This morning, I am watching classic He-Man episodes. But this morning is a little bit different, because I have some new treats to chow down on!  The new Tastykake Birthday Kake & Tastykake Blueberry Mini Donuts caught my eye at Walmart, so I grabbed a bag of each.  And I intend to stuff my face with these donuts.  Talk about a perfect Sunday morning!

Side note: has anyone recently watched the classic He-Man cartoon?  It’s so bad. But it’s nostalgic and He-Man, and I love it. Ohhhhh, 80s cartoons…. you have my heart.

Now onto the donuts!  The first flavor I wanted to try was the blueberry.  I’m not a big fan of fruit, nor do I adore berries like most people.  But, I do enjoy blueberry flavored foods, and I do enjoy donuts, so this seemed like a good idea.

Upon opening the bag, I gave it the “Whiff Test” and sniffed as hard as I could.  Damn!  That’s blueberry for sure!  I could smell the fruity-essence of artificial blueberry flavor – sweet and tart.  These donuts are covered in powdered sugar – just as a proper donut should be. And my face is about to be covered in this powdered sugar whilst I eat my donuts – just as it should be.

I was pleasantly surprised at the moistness of these donuts.  They are fragile and crumbly, yet somehow moist inside.  When I bit into it, the powdered sugar dissolved and a distinct blueberry tartness emerged.  THAT is a blueberry donut, no doubt.  Inside there’s that deep, royal purple color we identify with blueberries.  They are the perfect combination of sweet and tart and a damn good blueberry donut.  There’s nothing mind-blowing about them, but they are really tasty.

After eating about 4 of the blueberry mini donuts, I decided to change things up and give those Birthday Kake donuts a shot.  I’m really excited about these, because I love birthday cake.  Actually – let me be honest. I love birthday cake icing and frosting. These donuts are kind of weird looking.  They are a yellow cake, coated in “sprinkles” that look more like Nerds candies. They aren’t very pretty, but I get it – it’s supposed to be a “birthday cake.”

These smelled like regular donuts, although I don’t know what I would have expected, because what does birthday cake really smell like?  Cake. It’s not like you can smell celebration.  I broke one open and was disappointed to see it was a plain, yellow cake donut.  Not much of a party in this donut, that’s for sure.

Even more disappointing was the flavor.  There wasn’t even a remote birthday cake essence.  It literally tasted like a yellow cake donut with a tiny hint of lemon.  They were also not quite as moist as the blueberry donuts.  Am I alone in thinking that a birthday cake donut should taste a little better than a plain donut?? And those “sprinkles” didn’t offer anything special – they didn’t make them pretty, nor did they offer added sweetness or fun. Ugh.  This isn’t what I expected or what I was hoping for in this donut. *Que Skeletor’s creepy laugh*

So, this morning was filled with mixed emotions.  I was excited to watch He-Man and have donuts.  I was anxious to try these new “summer flavored” Tastykake treats.  I was very satisfied with the Tastykake Blueberry Mini Donuts and very disappointed in the Birthday Kake Mini Donuts. On the bright side, I’m about to finish off the bag of Blueberry Donuts, finish my He-Man episode, and do nothing for the rest of the day. Sunday morning happiness is restored! I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRR!

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