Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt Review

When I purchase yogurt, I usually stick to what I am familiar with (greek yogurt) and don’t really venture out and try other yogurt varieties. My sister has been getting on my ass lately, trying to get me to try other types of yogurt. I can’t remember the brand or flavor, but one time about five years ago or so, I tried a yogurt variety that was new to me and I was disgusted. Greek yogurt will always have my heart and I decided that I would just stick to greek yogurt from that point on.

However, when I walked by Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt while buying my greek yogurt for the week and the pumpkin logo caught my eye. It’s freaking pumpkin flavored. I’m in. I did notice that this company spells yogurt as yoghurt. Yoghurt. Why?! This yogurt better not yoghurt my heart.

Why the hell is it spelled yoghurt? I was so curious that I Googled it right then and there. Right in the middle of the yogurt aisle at Kroger. It turns out that this yogurt actually is an ‘Australian-style’ yogurt…which is completely new to me. I’m either going to hate it or love it.

This yogurt (I refuse to call it yoghurt) has a plain-looking yogurt on top which is infused with honey for a lightly sweetened taste. It smelled like ordinary yogurt. The yogurt tasted pretty good. It isn’t too much different than greek yogurt. I did notice it is a lot less tart and not as thick as greek yogurt. The yogurt is creamy, tangy, and simply delightful.

Kinda looks like baby food, doesn’t it?

Underneath this layer of yogurt is the reason why I bought this yogurt — the pumpkin puree. By the looks of it, it kinda reminded me of baby food (and I got pretty nervous). I dig down to get some of this pumpkin stuff is strikingly similar to pumpkin pie! My heart begins to warm up and I am so excited as I try a bite of it. To sum it up it one word: impressive. This puree is glorious. It instantly reminded me of classic pumpkin pie… I even experienced the spicy kick you get when you bite into a pumpkin pie with the cinnamon and nutmeg flavoring. Along with the small bit if spiciness you get, you definitely notice the taste of sweet pumpkin. It’s nothing too sweet and is very comparable to the pumpkin flavoring you get out of our beloved pumpkin pie.

If you look hard enough, you can see a slice of pumpkin pie.

When combined with the yogurt in one bite, it really did almost feel like I was eating a pumpkin pie. The flavors combine together to form a creamy and rich pumpkin pie flavor. I enjoyed every bite. If you love pumpkin pie (who doesn’t), this is for you. I have tried other seasonal pumpkin yogurts in the past (greek of course) and this one is by far my favorite.

In conclusion, I learned today that I do indeed have space in my heart for other varieties of yogurt. My sister would be proud. Especially when I feel like I am eating a pumpkin pie without all the crazy calories. I’ll probably end up like Squidward anyways since one container contains a whopping 290 calories! Oh well, this stuff is freaking awesome. Buy it while you can.

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