Lay’s Do Us a Flavor 2017 Reviews – Everything Bagel, Crispy Taco, & Fried Green Tomato

The Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest is back for 2017 and you know I had to pick up all three flavors. Back in July, Lay’s announced ten semifinalists and I was so excited about all of the possibilities.  Toasted Ravioli? Avocado Toast? Nashville Hot Chicken? Spinach Artichoke Dip? My taste buds were overjoyed because I knew at least one of these unique flavors would make the cut…right?

Wrong. Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese seemed so boring and blah, Crispy Taco seemed to have been over done in the chip world, and Fried Green Tomato was the only one I was somewhat excited to try. However, being from the awesome state of Michigan, fried green tomato isn’t really a thing here. I honestly was confused with the concept of eating fried green tomatoes. Who even came up with it?

Me and chips have a thing. I go way back with chips (kinda like this little girl). Especially with Frito-Lay brand chips. I should own some stock in Frito-Lay because I am probably their top costumer and have spent ton of money just to take chip baths like this chick. Frito-Lay doesn’t care about me though. Because if they did, they definitely would have let me pick the three finalists in this contest, and none of these would have been picked.

I spotted all three of the Do Us a Flavor bags at Walmart, quickly paid, and left. I rarely ever go to Walmart, and when I do, it’s to buy snacks I can’t find anywhere else. Walmart sucks, but they had these chips in stock so that made my trip to Walmart worth it.

Which of these chips will stick around and take down the other two? Here are my thoughts on these chips:

Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese (Kettle Cooked)

The first thing I noticed about these chips is that they look like plain old kettle chips.They don’t appear to have any visible seasoning besides a few poppy seeds here and there. They smell like plain old kettle chips as well with a hint smell of onion. Everything bagel in real life smells pretty damn good and I was hoping the aroma would be similar. However, the taste is what we need here so let’s see if Frito-Lay redeemed themselves with the taste!

Just a few poppy seeds here and there.


First bite and I immediately taste sour cream, onion, and poppy seed. I am not a big fan of onion but the taste of onion in these chips wasn’t overpowering. After consuming some more, my taste buds weren’t let down but also weren’t excited. Frito-Lay could have done a better job with the spices. These chips began to taste like sour cream & onion chips the more I ate them and less like an everything bagel. I honestly got no hint of cream cheese in the flavor — it tasted a lot more bold like sour cream.

If Frito-Lay had toned down on this flavor, I believe the ‘everything bagel’ flavor would have been a lot more prominent. On the other hand, these chips could have also used more spices to get the ‘everything bagel’ taste to be more prominent. Also, I noticed these chips were very greasy and it was probably because they went with the ‘Kettle Cooked’ style.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. They leave a weird poppyseed-y aftertaste in your mouth. I would probably just buy sour cream & onion flavored chips.

Crispy Taco

It seems like there are so many freaking taco flavored chips out there. Maybe I am crazy but it feels every potato chip company has at least like 14 taco flavored chips varieties…but that’s alright because tacos have our hearts.

I feel like most taco flavored chips are just taco seasoning on a chip. Nothing less and nothing more. When I opened the bag, it smelled a lot like taco seasoning. Not surprised. The taste, however, did surprise me a lot.

These chips taste like a freaking replica of a taco. Frito-Lay perfected the seasoning on these chips. The seasoning was right on the money capturing all of the flavors of the taco. I was pretty impressed because every other taco flavored chip I have ever tried was very bland and unexciting and didn’t really capture the taste of the taco. These…these babies got it right. I legitimately tasted fresh lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sour cream. You read that right.. fresh lettuce flavor in a chip seems impossible but here they did it. These taste like a replica of a taco from Taco Bell. They tasted so similar that I feel like I just ate some Taco Bell (and probably saved myself a ton of money by not going because I can’t help myself when I am there).

Would I buy them again? You bet. They’re absolutely delicious. If you like tacos, you’ll like these because Frito-Lay really perfected the taco taste and tricked my taste buds into thinking I was eating a taco.

Fried Green Tomato (Wavy)

I admit it, I have never had a fried green tomato before. Being born and raised in Michigan, I have never been exposed to it and I honestly had no idea fried green tomato was even a dish. I guess I should visit the south more because I feel dumb — but whatever. Thanks to Frito-Lay, I can try the chip version before I try the actual dish. What a time to be alive!

We have been seeing a lot of southern dishes get the junk food treatment lately — Chicken & Waffles chips, Biscuits & Gravy chips — and now these. When I first opened the bag, I tried to pick up on a smell and they just smelled like regular potato chips to me. I was unable to pick up on any unique scents.

As I bite into it, the flavor starts with a rich buttermilk tang followed zesty taste. I picked up on mustard and garlic spices. After a few seconds, I noticed a slight spice to make things even more interesting.

Don’t worry if you’ve never had a fried green tomato before because Lay’s did a really great job with these chips. I honestly have never tried chips that tasted anything close to these and they provide a unique experience to help satisfy your weird chip flavors cravings! Lay’s decision to make these on the ‘wavy’ style chips was a great decision because the flavor is pretty complex and the ‘wavy’ chips add another element to the chips and pretty much complete it.

Wavy chips are perfect for this flavor. Trust me, I am a chips expert.

Unlike Squidward, I’ll admit it. I didn’t think I was going to like these. I didn’t know what to expect and green tomatoes seemed pretty boring. Turns out that these are absolutely delicious!

Would I buy them again? You bet! These chips provide a very complex and unique flavor that I really enjoyed…not to mention the added texture with the wavy style chips.

Out of the three chips, my Do Us a Flavor contest vote will be going for the Fried Green Tomato.

If you tried these, which flavor do you think is the best? Share your comments below!

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