Entenmann’s Banana Toffee Pancakes Review

If it’s not in a noisy, crinkley package, I’m probably not eating it. There are, however, times when a little bit of work in the kitchen pays off for a snack.  And if the snack is worth it, I’m willing to put in the effort. I grew up in California, where Entenmann’s IS breakfast. Now that I’m in Texas, I have a limited choice of these magical baked goods, so I was super excited to find this new Banana Toffee Pancake mix!  Banana? Toffee? Pancake?  Let’s do it!

The recipe is simple: add milk, eggs and butter to the powdery mix, then make your flapjacks like always.  Flapjacks. I never call them flapjacks, but thought I would add in a synonym to jazz it up a bit.

When I smelled the mix before putting in the liquid ingredients, it smelled like banana. Like artificial banana, which to me, smells way better than regular banana.  I really didn’t pick up any toffee at all.  No buttery, brown sugary scent at all in this mix.  But, I thought, maybe once they cook, the toffee will come out more.  Let’s hope.  I’m really wanting some toffee flavored pancakes!

This box made 12 nice sized pancakes. They were just like any other pancake mix – the more liquid you put in them, the thinner they get. I followed the directions perfectly and they made nice, dense (but not too dense) pancakes.  They weren’t light and airy, but who wants flimsy, airy pancakes?

I tasted them before dowsing the stack in butter and syrup (the only way to eat pancakes properly). Although they are really yummy, they are NOT “banana toffee” at all.  They literally tasted like banana cream pie, which isn’t a bad thing!  I’m disappointed that there was absolutely no toffee flavoring at all.  There wasn’t even a hint of carmel or anything even similar.

These should have been called, “Banana Cream Pie” pancakes. Because that’s what you can expect.  I’m disappointed that they neglected to grace me with any toffee presence, however, I’m still enjoying the banana cream pie flavor in them. Who knew that banana cream pie + maple syrup could be so decadent?

If I didn’t love Entenmann’s products so much, I would be really upset about the lack of toffee flavoring.  If I didn’t love banana cream pie like I do, I wouldn’t have just eaten 12 pancakes.  If I wouldn’t have just eaten 12 pancakes, I wouldn’t feel like I need a nap right now.

Dowsed in butter and syrup. The way pancakes were meant to be eaten.

At $3.49 for a box that makes 12 pancakes, it’s not really that great of a deal.  Aunt Jemima can offer a lot more hotcake for your money, and she doesn’t get your hopes up for anything other than a regular pancake.  When I want a fancy pancake that tasted like banana cream pie, I would absolutely grab this product again.  They were really tasty, yet didn’t deliver the flavors as promised.  If you want a banana toffee pancake, mash up bananas and Heath bar crumbles into your Aunt Jemima mix. If you want to spend 29¢ per banana cream pie pancake, grab the Entenmann’s Banana Toffee mix.


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