Doritos Mix Blazin’ Buffalo Explosion Review

A year and a half after Doritos launched their über unique and clever new line of Doritos Mix chips, a new flavor rolled out on the shelves.  First, there was Cheese Explosion and Taco Explosion, with each bag offering four snacks in one for the “ultimate Doritos experience.” One might wonder why cheese and taco were the only flavor choices.  What about a spicy rendition?!  Well, now we have it with the brand new Doritos Mix Blazin’ Buffalo Explosion!

I searched high and low for these chips.  And I meant that literally – high up into North Texas and low into the DFW metroplex.  I went to 7 different Walmarts, 4 Albertsons, 8 Krogers, 4 Meijers, checked every 7-Eleven and gas station I could find, and finally, after 8 Target stores, I found them. Of course the pot of gold would be found at Target – just like every other little gem!  I sacrificed paying over $2 in gas every time I ventured out.  I had to check my patience with the horrible traffic from living in the city.  And I felt let down and disappointed after leaving so many stores empty handed.  These had better be worth it.  They better offer an “ultimate Doritos experience” for me.

Let’s check them out.  The bag has four different chips featured on it, each with a unique shape, and each carrying it’s own flavor.  Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch looks like a regular Dorito, chipotle looks like a rolled up chip (kind of like Takis), the Cool Ranch chips are a three dimensional triangle, and the blue cheese are spirals (just like Fritos Flavor Twists).  I’m already not really sure how some of these go together…  what if I grab a cool ranch chip and blue cheese chip?  Or a chipotle and a Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch?  I’ll just have to dive into my little pot of gold to see!

One big whiff after I opened the bag, and I could definitely smell some heat and even a slight stinky cheese scent.  All of it was unidentifiable, even though it smelled pretty good.  I honestly don’t like spicy things very much.  I’m one of those people that dips a chips in salsa just to get it slightly wet.  Even ketchup can be a little spicy to me, so although I’m looking forward to trying these chips, my tongue is a little freaked out.

First up is the Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch.  It looks like a Dorito.  It smells like a chicken wing from Buffalo Wild Wings.  And it tastes like an exact matchup of the two: the familiar corn Dorito chip, smothered in a buffalo hot sauce powder.  It’s pretty tasty, although I have to admit, for a little Irish girl like me, it did leave a bit of heat at the end that wasn’t so pleasant.  If you like hot stuff, you’ll love it.  I’d seen food competitions where people eat an assload of spicy peppers and drink milk to calm the flame so I grabbed some milk and did the same.  My boyfriend rolled his eyes at me because I “exaggerate” and am so “dramatic” over a “tiny bit of buffalo flavor.”  Whatever.  The milk helped and I stormed away with my bag of Doritos.  No more Doritos Mix for him! Who’s being dramatic NOW!? *hmmmpff*

Back to the chips – next up was the twisty blue cheese chips.  I love blue cheese and any stinky cheese, so I’m hoping these are my favorite.  They smell like a mix of everything in the bag, so I am hoping the cheese flavor really packs a punch.

After eating a few of them, I was confused.  Some of them really had a nice blue cheese flavor, and even offered a bit of that tangy aftertaste that blue cheese gives you.  But some of them really lacked flavor at all.  They did have a great crunch, though. I guess I have to hunt down the ones with more flavor crystals on them.

Like I mentioned, I don’t like spicy stuff – so the chipotle chip was really freaking me out.  Is chipotle even spicy?? I clearly don’t even know what it is. I’ve never had it, so I’m not the best judge of the flavor.  Surprisingly, I really like this rolled up Takis-shaped chip.  The boyfriend claims it does taste just like chipotle, and I’ll take his word for it. It had a nice flavor that I enjoyed, and I didn’t need a glass of milk to calm it down.

Lastly, I scooped up one of the Cool Ranch triangles.  And these are the classic Cool Ranch flavor on a weird shaped corn chip.  I guess Doritos thought they were being clever with this? I would have preferred a Cool Ranch ball, or even a Cool Ranch square.  But the shape didn’t do anything the taste, so none of that really matters.  I love Cool Ranch, and was happy to see the classic flavor in this bag.

I tried a few flavor combinations- just as you would if you took a random handful out of the bag. The buffalo chip definitely overpowers the other flavors, but they DO actually meld nicely together.  I was pretty surprised about that.  I can picture people eating bags of these on road trips, at football games or while rafting on the river.  Or sitting in your La-Z-Boy binge watching Game of Thrones.  Basically, no matter who you are or what you like, I think everyone can enjoy this bag of fun.  It definitely lives up to the name – Blazin’ Buffalo Explosion, and it was totally the “ultimate Doritos experience.”

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