Nature Valley Biscuits with Coconut Butter Review

I don’t usually buy snack bars that pretend to be breakfast replacements. You know what I mean… those BelVita bars, Special K bars, and Nature Valley bars are all marketed in a way that tricks your snack-loving mind that these bars are a healthy breakfast option. I’d much rather save the calories for something I know I for sure can’t pass up (kinda like chips, chips, and probably more chips).

Nothing stops my snack loving stomach, so I headed to Target. My heart was set on Hot & Spicy Cheez-It’s — I have been craving them all week. While browsing around, I walked by this Nature Valley Biscuits with Coconut Butter product and my eyes lit up. Not because I am a huge Nature Valley fan, but because I freaking love anything coconut. Heck, I might as well eat habanero peppers dipped in coconut butter because coconut flavor is delicious. I quickly decided that I am going to buy these and I was so excited that I almost forgot what I went to Target for — those Hot & Spicy Cheez-It’s. Thank the snack gods because I managed to walk out with both and I was one happy snacker.

I thought to myself that I probably am going to love these biscuits for two very simple reasons: Nut butter to me is delicious and I’ll probably be super healthy afterwards since these contain 13g of whole grains in each pouch.

As I opened the package, my mouth began to water. Like a fat kid with cake, I took a a bite immediately. Wow. Assuming you are a fan of coconut, these are outstanding. The two toasted coconut biscuits sandwich an oh so creamy coconut butter spread, which is what they perfected. The taste of coconut oil is prominent throughout the creme and my tastebuds kept wanting more. The creme is light and whipped, yet heavenly and has a very bold coconut taste that isn’t overpowering. 

We know Nature Valley didn’t’ want to mess this one up because the toasted biscuits even contain coconut flour. The biscuits themselves were very delightful. The whole grain oats were scattered throughout the biscuits and had just the right amount to compliment the coconut flavor to leave you satisfied and wanting more. Crispy, delicate, and yet soft all at the same time — I thought to myself that Nature Valley should make these biscuits into their own product (they were that good). On the other hand, they should also jar up this creme and sell it because I would use this coconut butter all day, everyday.

The creme definitely had more coconut flavor compared to the biscuits, but both complemented each other in a phenomenal way. On a sadder note, be prepared to have to vacuum after biting into one of these. One bite and I probably had a thousand crumbs on the kitchen floor. Although, this shouldn’t be surprising if you are familiar with Nature Valley…crumbs are their passion.

This one bite resulted in tons of crumbs. But who cares, it’s freaking delicious.

After eating 3 of these and loving every bite, I remembered that I almost forgot to take a whiff to see what it smelled like. I definitely was able to smell the coconut in these, however the smell was not overpowering and it was mainly the oats I was smelling with a nice subtle hint of coconut.

Like I said, I don’t buy these ‘breakfast’ snack bars frequently. However, I will definitely be picking these up until the world ends. These are my new ride or die and I am very happy I discovered them. Screw going to the Caribbean to get your coconut fix, these biscuits are legitimately all you need!

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