Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review

“It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno” may just be one of the most accurate ad lines ever.  Out of all the frozen pizzas I’ve eaten (trust me, it’s a lot), Digiorno is the only one that never fails me, and is always the next best thing to delivery.  So, when I saw that Digiorno came out with a new Crispy Pan Pizza, I figured I would give it a shot. I love crispy crust on pizza, – like super crunchy, soaked in oil crispy – and this product promises to deliver just that.

These new pizzas come in four flavor choices: Pepperoni, Three Meat, Four Cheese and Supreme.  I grabbed a Supreme.

There are two unique features about this product that make it different than other Digiorno pizzas.  1- it comes with its own “pan” to cook it in and 2- it’s rectangular, not circular.  So here’s what I’m expecting: a regular (albeit delicious) Digiorno pizza that has a crunchier crust and will not have pie slices, but rather square slices.

As it was cooking, my kitchen was filled with the beautiful aroma that only pizza can offer. Creamy cheese, spicy pepperoni, and oil saturated crust.  It’s heavenly!  I kept checking on it by opening the oven door and saying, “are-ah, you-ah ready-ah yet-ah?”  (That’s my Italian accent.  Don’t judge). This “pan” that the pizza comes in to make the crust crunchier is really just a plastic container, but I can already see the cheese and crust turning a really nice golden brown all along the edges of the pizza, with about 5 minutes left to cook.

It’s-ah ready-ah! The “pan” tray thing wasn’t as flimsy to pull out of the oven as I anticipated.  And it was surprisingly not that hot. It was also really easy to cut – but that might have been my awesome Star Wars pizza cutter. I cut 6 large squares, and slid the pieces out.  That was another nice surprise – there was no cutting the edges or scraping off the bottom of the pan – it all just came out so nicely. So, I grabbed my bottle of ranch (because in Texas, we put ranch on everything), parmesan cheese, a cold Coke and sat down to try it.

I immediately noticed the thickness of the crust – it’s pretty thick.  Not surprisingly, it tasted great, just like a regular Digiorno pizza.  It’s-ah pizza pie! It’s decently scattered with toppings, but as always, that varies pizza to pizza.  Mine had just enough. And I didn’t have to re-distribute the frozen pepperoni or onions before cooking to cover the entire pizza, which was nice. There’s not much left to say about the taste, because it really just tastes like every other Digiorno pizza I’ve ever had. Maybe if I would have left it in the oven a little longer, the crust would have been even crunchier, but it was still pretty good.

Would I buy it again? Naw… I get more  pizza for your money with a regular Digiorno pizza.  And if I cook it a little longer, I will have that toasty, crunchy crust that I like so much. Plus, when you’re cooking Digiorno in your oven, no one judges you for pretending to be Italian with a horrible accent.

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  • Obviously that’s not my real name or email, but irregardless I wanted to thank you for the review. I tried the Digiorno pan pizza, the cheese kind, last night and it was good, I didn’t cook it long enough though. It was nice and brown on one end and the middle and other end kind of soft, so tonight I’ll try it again and this time add some sliced Italian sausages I fried up. If this helps someone else I will be happy.

  • The problem with this Pizza is it never gets crispy. It’s like a big sponge and never really cooks properly.
    By the time u got everything cooked right the top would b burnt

  • Tried the 3-meat Digiorno Chrispy pizza. Tasteless and more like a sponge cake with pizza topping.
    Prefer a thinner crust. A waste of money and time.

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