Let me be clear.  I’m a salty snack kinda gal.  I would pick a bag of chips over a handful of cookies any day.  However, I’m also a chubby girl that rarely passes up a treat.  So, when I saw that Chips Ahoy! had two brand new flavors of cookies – Red Velvet and S’mores – my natural instincts were to grab the packages.  I didn’t just take them off the shelf and put them in my cart, though.  I snatched them up quickly, held them close to my chest, and looked around as if I were on a treasure hunt and other pirates were looking for the same cookies. Chips Ahoy, matey, these are MINE!

Here’s my issue with intensely specific flavored cookies – they never actually taste like the package claims.  Red velvet products are notorious for having that metallic aftertaste with very little chocolate (or red velvet) flavor.  And companies that re-produce the classic s’mores taste (chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow) are rarely ever successful in offering a product that should taste like those three ingredients in one bite.

I tried the Chips Ahoy! Red Velvet Cookies first.  On the package, these are a brilliant maroon color with “cream cheese flavored chips” on top, and a “cream cheese” filling.  I’m not a huge fan of red velvet cakes and cupcakes, but when it’s good, it’s usually really good.  Out of the package, they pretty much look like the picture – ish. The chips are more of a tan color, but I’m not judging them. They also smell like every other Chips Ahoy! cookie, however, it might be psychosomatic, but I think they smell equally like red velvet, too.  I also noticed that these cookies are pretty small….  much smaller than the average Chips Ahoy! cookie.  I’m hoping that’s because there’s so much goodness packed into this treat that they didn’t want to overload their customers.

First bite.  BOOM!  That, my friends, is red velvet!  It’s chocolately and creamy, and the “cream cheese” filling is brilliantly similar to real cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cupcake.  I’m impressed, but better take another bite. Just to be sure…..  Now, this is pretty shocking.  Usually a product will “fill” something, and really skimp on that filling.  These cookies have a beautiful layer of “cream cheese” filling inside – almost like they spread it over the entire cookie, then topped it with another cookie, instead of giving it a 1 oz squirt of cream.  These cookies are really tasty and there’s no fake red velvet flavor at all.

I might have eaten 5 more … just to be sure I really captured the flavors.

Next up is the Chips Ahoy S’mores Cookies.  I’m pretty annoyed right now because somehow, the whole “S’mores everything” craze has taken over this summer. I expect pumpkin everything in the fall, and can deal with candy cane everything in the winter.  But there are just too many s’mores products out there right now.  However, I do love me a gooey S’more, and I’m curious if Chips Ahoy! can actually pull this off.

The package suggests to “heat for a treat” which is pretty unique and cool.  I’m sure that will kind of melt the chocolate filling and the marshmallow flavored and chocolate chips on top of the cookie. I didn’t heat them up because that would take an extra 10 seconds before being able to eat them, and I’m not patient.

Shiver me timbers! These are incredible!  I mean, they really shivered my timbers.  The cookie tastes exactly like a graham cracker with that slight nutty flavor.  It reminds me of preschool snack time.  And I LOVED preschool snack time because, well, snacks.  The chocolate inside is similar to the filling in the Red Velvet cookies – it’s ample and super chocolatey.  I love the little marshmallow chips on top, but do wish there were a bit more to really tie the three flavors together.  Regardless, they really do taste like a s’more in a cookie form.  Well done, Chips Ahoy!, well done.

I might have eaten another 6 of these cookies to give you guys the best review possible.  And I will probably have to eat a few more later, just in case I missed something.

Yah…. that’s not embarrassing.

Finally, products that taste exactly like they are advertised to taste! Chips Ahoy nailed it with the Red Velvet and cream cheese combination, and seriously made s’mores proud with their cookie rendition. I’m impressed.  I’m also about to hit food coma status because I ate so many cookies. Could someone please bring me a glass of milk?

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