Mochi Green Tea Halo Top Ice Cream Review

Straight up, I am a pretty big fan of green tea. However, I don’t think I have ever had green tea iced cream, so this Mochi Green Tea Halo Top flavor will be an entirely new experience for me.

I am extremely excited to try this flavor because I am very curious how Halo Top could pull off the flavor of green tea in an ice cream. The ingredients lists “mochi dough” as one of the ingredients, which sounds like an interesting touch to an already interesting ice cream flavor.

As I open the pint, I am welcomed by a neon yellow color. I don’t spot any mochi dough pieces right off the bat, however after moving my spoon around searching, I instantly spot one. I take that first bite and I am very surprised. It tastes nothing like green tea to me. Absolutely nothing. It tastes incredibly perfumey if that makes sense. A floral lavender taste has a strong presence, which leads to a slight taste of honey afterwards. A very floral, bold, and sweet lavender taste is the best way to describe it.

You may thing this is a bad thing, however it’s actually pretty enjoyable. The pieces of mochi dough are add a wonderful twist to this ice cream. They are soft and chewy and also taste a bit floral. The texture of this ice cream is very smooth and melts in your mouth pretty fast, so these mochi dough pieces help add to the texture.

I’m still quite disappointed though. I totally bought this ice cream hoping it would taste like green tea. Although the end result is very enjoyable, I still am pretty bummed about it. The chunks of mochi dough balance the floral flavor pretty well but I’m still pretty pissed off. I’m gonna just go cry in a corner for the rest of the day because Halo Top tricked me.

I think a better name for this flavor would have been “Floral Lavender” and made it purple instead of yellow. We should probably make a petition to put some pressure on Halo Top. Don’t buy this if you are expecting a green tea flavor, but DO buy this if you love lavender/floral tasting things.

HEARTBREAKING UPDATE: It has been an hour since I ate this ice cream and my mouth tastes like I just ate a bouquet of flowers. It’s a strange aftertaste. Extremely floral aftertaste. Now to stuff my face with Oreos until this aftertaste goes away. #HaloTopTrickedMe

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  • You’re SUPER generous giving it 2.9, I have NO idea how you got through the whole pint… I had one bite and almost spit it out, I thought I was eating my grandmas perfume! And the after taste – yeah, HORRID!

    • Yeah it was absolutely wayyy too floral. I don’t know why they decided to go this route. They should’ve just named this flavor lavender instead – it makes so much more sense. Thanks for the feedback, Derek!

  • when I opened it I thought I was crazy cause I said wow this smells like perfume. I tasted it and yes, Perfume. but I gave it a chance and ended up liking it mostly because of the mochi helping with the texture. My breath smells like flowers which is better than normal breath after eating something lol. It grew on me and looking forward to another pint when I buy Halo again. I guess I like unusual stuff sometimes instead of the same old boring stuff and with the reduced calories that is a plus. You stating lavender makes sense and yes I agree. There are many lavender desserts so this is not far fetched and I agree they need to change the name. There is no trace of green tea in this pint.

  • By the way, I let my dog have the empty container which he thinks he is getting something, he just licks the inside and he loved it and his breath is wonderful now lol

    • Lol yes! At least our breath smells like flowers! 😛 I should eat some before any family event so I can show up smelling like flowers haha.

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